Make a Mark

Sheep Marking Gun

Why Us?

We offer an alternative way to marking sheep. The messy job of having to mark the sheep with a brush or a stick will never be a worry again. This fast and efficient way can save you hours of time.

As the cartridge is airtight the fluid will last in the gun and there is no mess.

Also for all the farmers currently using marking sprays this will make using marking fluid as easy. 

Marking Fluid has many advantages compared to the aerosol sprays.
These include the health risks that go with the majority of the sprays. The marking sprays are most often in aerosol cans which commonly contain harmful chemicals and CFC's. These are not only bad for your health but also pose a major threat to the environment.

Also, as many farmers will tell you, Marking Fluid lasts longer than the standard sprays. This is just another reason why you should be using the Marking Fluid opposed to the sprays.

Our Achievements to date.

Student Enterprise Awards 2016

North Mayo Final - Overall Winners

Mayo Final - Overall Winners

                      - Best Business Plan

National Final - 3rd Place Overall

Get Up and Go PDST Mini Company Competition 2016

Regional Final - 1st for innovation

National Final - 1st for accounts

                           - 1st for presentation and communication

                           - 3rd for innovation

                           - Overall top 3 excellence in enterprise award

Scifest 2016

Regional Final - Overall category winner

                           - Better Business Award

SEA Winners Bootcamp, UCC

-Winners of Elevator pitch Competition

Engineers Den 2016

- Overall Senior category winner

- Peoples Choice Award

Tullamore Shows Inventions Competition 2016

-Student Category Overall Winners. 

BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2017

-Finalist and 3rd place in Technology Senior Category.

Bank of Ireland Start Up Awards 2017

-Regional Finalist in the Emerging Start-Up Category

Student Summit 2017

-Winners of Regional Final

-Winners of National Final

Micro Business Awards 2018
-Finalist for 'Best Female Entrepreneur' Category

All-Ireland Business All-Stars 2018
- All Star Accreditation for Student Entrepreneurship
Mayo Business Awards 2018
- Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs 

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2019
- National Finalist

Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur 2019
- Mayo Finalist

Micro Business Awards 2019
- Winner of 'Best New Business' Category

UCC Student Enterprise Awards 2019
- Winner of 'Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2019'